Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Learning to Salt a Margarita Rim: A How-To Video

Being that it is summer, I've been drinking my fair share of margaritas.

A margarita on crushed ice with a lightly salted rim

We even had a margarita taste test on vacation to determine the group's favorite recipe.  In the midst of doing such research, I came across instructions for salting the rim of your margarita glass.  This is what I read: "Fill a pie plate with 1/4-in. of kosher salt..."

A quarter inch??? In a PIE PLATE??? Gee-zoo-weez! How many margaritas are they planning on you making? Enough for the whole freakin' neighborhood? I don't care if it is "just salt."  Waste not, want not, my friend.  (Not to mention how a quarter-inch rim of salt on your glass would taste... Echhhhhh!)

To prevent future heart attacks and to show you how to efficiently salt your margarita glasses, I made—you guessed it! Another cheesy video! Woohoo! Here you go: How the Hell Do I EFFICIENTLY Salt a Rim?

Here's to saving the salt mines!

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