Friday, December 26, 2014

A Year of Firsts—A Few Virgin Foodie Experiences

I just put iPhoto on the "Last 12 months" view and started flipping through my pictures...  Boy, we've had some fun foodie firsts this year!

Like our first Pimm's Cup (now a favorite summer beverage!):

My first totally failed attempt at making a paleo fruit tart.  Don't let the pic fool you.  GAG.

My first pitas.  DELISH.

My first (and last) bout with appendix cancer.  Had appendicitis.  Apparently had appendix cancer, too...

I had my first cupcake ATM experience at Sprinkles in Chicago.  The frosting was good...

I learned to take my husband to T.J. Maxx.  I walked out with all the kitchen gadgets I've always wanted but was too cheap to buy myself--like a mandoline.  Here are my first potato chips:

I learned to grow a pair and make spice blends in the coffee grinder (the grinder is washable):

Michael had his first taste of Maryland blue crabs and decided...he didn't like the mess for all the work.  He's a man after my own heart (we did not smear seasoning on our faces. I'm not sure why the phone did that...):

Chef Reiton and I did our first kitchen tiling job:

I made my first pan pizza from Bon Appétit's September 2014 issue.  Holy crapola...

I made tater tots.  Mashed, not hashed.  Again, from B.A.  Yummy.

And GOOSE!!! My dear friend Heinz had the lonely Reiton women over for a Christmas dinner that was worthy of a Dickensian novel.  Oh, delightful goose! What an ending to a wild year!

Although most of this year was obsessed—and I mean OBSESSED—with our kitchen remodel, we managed to financially and gastronomically survive.  We learned a lot, suffered a bit, but loved a lot. We had Life show us of what matters. Our family and friends showed us what matters. Our food showed us what matters. What matters is US.  

That's why Chef Reiton and I do this kitchen thing.  It affects us on so many levels: our chemistry. Our stress level. Our memories. Our family. Our health.  

I don't think I am the same person I was 10 years ago. And the kitchen has a lot to do with that. I hope my transformation continues. With another year of firsts, it's got to, right? And, boy, is it going to be a big year of firsts in 2015!

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