Monday, May 9, 2016

Learning to Easily Prepare Beets: A How-To Video

Well, folks, I'm a day late, but hopefully no one was a dollar short—nor waiting by their iPad with beets in hand, waiting for me to have posted this video yesterday. I do apologize, however; time just got ahead of me.

ANYWAY. As I promised, I have made another very homemade video demonstrating how I prepare beets the easiest (i.e. laziest) way I know how. I just got tired of peeling my knuckles, not to mention more of the beet than was necessary, with a peeler. I hope you find this very helpful in making that delicious beet salad I just posted for you all (wink wink).

By the way, give me a shout if there's ever anything you want me to show you how to do. If I don't know, I'll learn with you!

Without further adieu, here's your beet prep video. Enjoy!

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