Friday, December 26, 2014

A Year of Firsts—A Few Virgin Foodie Experiences

I just put iPhoto on the "Last 12 months" view and started flipping through my pictures...  Boy, we've had some fun foodie firsts this year!

Like our first Pimm's Cup (now a favorite summer beverage!):

My first totally failed attempt at making a paleo fruit tart.  Don't let the pic fool you.  GAG.

My first pitas.  DELISH.

My first (and last) bout with appendix cancer.  Had appendicitis.  Apparently had appendix cancer, too...

I had my first cupcake ATM experience at Sprinkles in Chicago.  The frosting was good...

I learned to take my husband to T.J. Maxx.  I walked out with all the kitchen gadgets I've always wanted but was too cheap to buy myself--like a mandoline.  Here are my first potato chips:

I learned to grow a pair and make spice blends in the coffee grinder (the grinder is washable):

Michael had his first taste of Maryland blue crabs and decided...he didn't like the mess for all the work.  He's a man after my own heart (we did not smear seasoning on our faces. I'm not sure why the phone did that...):

Chef Reiton and I did our first kitchen tiling job:

I made my first pan pizza from Bon Appétit's September 2014 issue.  Holy crapola...

I made tater tots.  Mashed, not hashed.  Again, from B.A.  Yummy.

And GOOSE!!! My dear friend Heinz had the lonely Reiton women over for a Christmas dinner that was worthy of a Dickensian novel.  Oh, delightful goose! What an ending to a wild year!

Although most of this year was obsessed—and I mean OBSESSED—with our kitchen remodel, we managed to financially and gastronomically survive.  We learned a lot, suffered a bit, but loved a lot. We had Life show us of what matters. Our family and friends showed us what matters. Our food showed us what matters. What matters is US.  

That's why Chef Reiton and I do this kitchen thing.  It affects us on so many levels: our chemistry. Our stress level. Our memories. Our family. Our health.  

I don't think I am the same person I was 10 years ago. And the kitchen has a lot to do with that. I hope my transformation continues. With another year of firsts, it's got to, right? And, boy, is it going to be a big year of firsts in 2015!

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  1. Ok, girlie, you are doing a lot of the same things as me (in the kitchen…learning to lOOVE that). For me, it's about recovery (time by myself, kids playing). Are you teaching at all?? Would love to keep up over email or something. I'm at xo!


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